adoption in utahAdoption in UT: How the Laws Affect Your Case

The choice to adopt a child gives a child a forever home and makes their life complete. Before this process can be done, prospective adoptive parents should become familiar with the laws regarding adoption in the state of Utah. These laws can determine if your goal of adoption is feasible and if there may be bumps along the road. In order to best interpret them, working with adoption attorneys in Heber City is the best route. Heber family lawyers at the Gordon Law Group can advise if you meet all of the requirements and if there is anything more you need to do.

Adoption Laws in Utah
As you prepare to grow your family with adoption, it is important that you have a basic understanding of what the laws in the state of Utah say about this big step. In order to adopt, the adoptive parent must:

-Be at least ten years older than who they are adopting and must be at least 21 years old.
-Be either single or married, but not in a cohabiting relationship. If married, both spouses must petition for the adoption together or give their written consent to the other spouse.
-Be cleared to adopt from a home study provider that is licensed in the state of Utah. This process consists of trainings, background checks, visits to the home, interviews with the family, and more depending on the need for it.

In addition to meeting the criteria, there are legal components to the adoption process. Adoption attorneys in Heber City can explain the law as it relates to your specific case. This will include your rights as the new parents, any obligations of the birth parents, anything the child is legally responsible for (if over a certain age), and anything else you are responsible for.

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