attorney talking to his clientWhat are the most common types of legal disputes in the state of Utah?  How are the disputes and situations typically resolved there?  What steps towards mediation will your attorney recommend?  How else can he or she help?  These questions will all be answered in this brief blog courtesy of Utah business lawyers, the Gordon Law Group.

What Are the Most Common Types of Legal Disputes In the State of Utah?

  • The cases that are the most prevalent at the Gordon Law Group, business attorneys in Heber UT are property disputes.  Issues over boundaries between neighboring property owners or who has the legal rights to a residential or a commercial building are common.
  • Another legal area that at times seems to run amok has to do with the state’s Small Claims courts.  Within the purview of the Small Claims court cases are monetary issues, contract disputes, and problems with retail products or services that are purchased locally say the famed Heber business lawyers.
  • One more legal niche where Utah lawyers see scores of cases is family-oriented disputes.  This includes divorces, child custody issues, perhaps trust fund legal disputes when the beneficiary turns 18 or is even older.  Utah’s attorneys are extremely knowledgeable about family laws and rules.

handshake after good cooperationHow Does the Utah Legal System Resolve These Disputes?

One way which has worked like a charm is via “Utah’s Online Dispute Resolution Program.”  The parties involved in the dispute each have skilled business lawyers Utah by their side.  The lawyers guide the two litigants through the online court.

The online Utah court functions exactly as an in-person court appearance would.  In this case, everything is done online with a sophisticated computer system.  The legal team at Gordon Law Group love this system and are adept at using it.  They help ensure their client fulfills each individual step properly.

Important Advice from Your Heber Business Attorneys

One strong piece of advice offered by Gordon Law Group, business lawyers in Heber Utah, is do not attempt to resolve your case without a lawyer present.  Sometimes people think just because the court proceedings are held online they can handle things themselves.

This is completely WRONG!!!  You must treat your case with the same respect and observance of the laws as you would in a brick and mortar courtroom.  The other side will have his or her attorney at their side, so should you!

How Do Heber Business Attorneys Help to Mediate the Issues?

They understand the full scope of the laws in Utah and work hard to be certain you do too.  Sometimes your case will be handled in arbitration rather than an official trial.  Whether your court process is held by an arbitrator or in a formal trial, your lawyer will know exactly what to do.

Your mediator “shall be selected as provided in Code of Judicial Administration Rule.”  Do you know what that means?  Probably not, but your attorney from the Gordon Law Group will.  They will explain it to you in understandable English.  Again, make sure you have Utah business lawyers ready to go.

How Can a Lawyer Help with Common Legal Disputes in Utah?

Your business lawyers Utah, the Gordon Law Group, will be there to make sure you do everything correctly.  No matter what the circumstances behind your case, your representative will learn all about it.  Then he or she will defend you with an unbridled passion.  There is nothing more important to them than their clients.

If you do choose to settle your case through the Utah online courts, your Heber business lawyers will assign someone with extensive computer knowledge.  This will be in addition to their experience with Utah laws.  Know this for sure, the Gordon Law Group won’t ever let you down.  Give them a call today!