ex spouse child supportDoes my Ex-Spouse have to pay child support after being laid off?

Once a child support order is set, it is to be followed exactly as stated. However, there are instances that can cause a change to the amount that is paid and/or when the payments are made. When the parent responsible for paying the support has a change in employment, this can create the need to alter the payment amount and schedule. As the parent who receives the support for the child, it is important to know what to expect and how to go about your ex-spouse making this request. Family law attorneys in Heber UT at Gordon Law Group can help you navigate this process so that you understand how this will impact the financial care for your child.

Employment Status and Child Support
If your ex-spouse experiences a change in employment, you can expect them to request a temporary pause or reduction in the amount of child support to be paid. Generally, the parent that has a change in employment will contact the court that issued the child support order to formally submit a request for a modification. Once reviewed, the court will make a determination if the support order can be modified based on the evidence that is presented.

As the custodial parent, you have to be prepared for the next steps in the process and how you will financially care for the child. Family law attorneys in Heber UT can provide the legal guidance you need to plan the next steps while the modification is in place. It is best to work with an attorney so that you get accurate legal information before proceeding. We will help you understand the options available to you during this process.

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