holiday with kidAre you considering doing modifications to your child custody plan? Perhaps you’ve compiled the program many years ago when children were still young, and now you feel it might not be applicable today. You’ve landed on the right page. This article explores holiday child custody modifications and how an attorney can help.

But before we dive in, let’s clear this right away:

When is a good time to do modifications?

There is no good or bad time to do modifications. As parents who are now co-parenting, you may wake up and decide to modify your custody plan.  Perhaps your children have grown, and you want to spend holidays with them outside the United States. Whatever the case may be, it is always crucial that both parties communicate modifications. However, a legal representation will be needed to facilitate that for you. For instance, Gordon Law Group specializes in advising parents on custody modifications. You may also consider contacting Heber Family Law Attorneys as well.

Some problems and solutions related to Holiday child custody

If you thought there was no legal recourse for a parent like you, think again. Utah Holiday Child Custody Modification Attorney is here for you. As a divorced or separated parent, you may be facing one of the following problems:

  1. Refusal from ex-spouse to give consent 

As a parent, you might be finding it difficult to get consent from an ex-spouse to take your child on holiday overseas. This kind of scenario may not be in your custody plan because you didn’t anticipate vacationing with your child this holidays.  The good news is, a lawyer can help both parents to come to an amicable agreement. For instance, Heber Child Custody Attorneys can negotiate consent on your behalf, then help you make custody modifications.

  1. A co-parent may refuse to give consent to the child to obtain a passport 

It’s possible that at the time of divorce or separation, you and your ex-spouse didn’t see a need for including passports in your child custody plan. However, now you want to take your child on vacation, and you can’t do this without a passport. According to law, both parents should consent before a minor obtains a passport. But your ex-spouse may refuse to give consent. This would not be done in the child’s interest but to spite you. Should this be the case, a lawyer like Heber Lawyers can step in to process that application and make necessary changes to your custody plan. Heber Child Custody Attorneys understand that parents have to appoint legal representation to get access to their children at some point.

  1. Child maintenance during the festive season

Another common issue most divorced and separated spouses face is child maintenance during the festive season. During holiday times, maintaining a child becomes a tad expensive. They eat more, want more clothes, and consume more electricity and water. Parents need to agree to pay some of those expenses. Child Custody Attorneys in Heber Utah can advise you and help parents reach an agreement on maintaining a child during holidays.

Some things you should keep in mind

As divorced or separated parents, you need to consider modifying your custody plan from time to time. You can have a holiday schedule that will allow you and the children to bond well without infringing on the rights of another parent. A Child Custody Modification Attorneys Heber can assist you to do just that.

Are you looking for a custody modification attorney near you? Reach out to Heber Child Custody Modification Attorneys today. Heber Child Custody Modification Attorneys have helped many parents to modify the child custody plans and enabled them to spend time with their children.