alimonyWhat Is Alimony?

Alimony payments are payments that the judge orders one spouse to pay the other during the divorce process. These payments can also last for a period of time after the divorce is final. If one spouse earns more money than the other spouse, he or she will be the one ordered to pay alimony.

How Do They Calculate Alimony in Utah?

The courts require that a spouse demonstrate that he or she has a need for alimony. They do this by listing the amount of money that one spouse makes. Then, they subtract the spouse’s monthly expenses. If this spouse doesn’t have enough money to pay all of the monthly bills, the spouse demonstrated a need for alimony.

Then, the courts examine the other spouse’s finances. If this spouse has more money than expenditures during the month, then the spouse will be ordered to pay alimony. If it can be demonstrated that one spouse needs more money than he or she has and the other spouse is able to provide a sum of money, it is very likely that this spouse will be ordered to pay alimony.

How Long Does Alimony Last?

Alimony will last as long as the divorce proceedings are ongoing. After the divorce is final, the alimony ends.

Alimony can also last a longer period of time, but in most cases, it cannot last longer than the marriage did.

In most cases, the judge sets a date when alimony is supposed to end, but it can end sooner. For example, it will end when the receiving spouse remarries, but it will also end when the receiving spouse passes away.
In the event that the receiving spouse moves in with a romantic partner, the paying spouse has the right to request that alimony end. This can only happen if the situation is reported to the court, and it must be done within 365 days of learning that the receiving spouse is living with a partner.

calculating alimonyAn Example of How Alimony Works.

Alex and Tyra got married seven years ago. Tommy is their only child. Tyra works outside of the home and earns $15 per hour. Alex makes $25 per hour. Tyra earns approximately $2,100 per month, and she spends about $3,100 every month. Alex makes approximately $3,600 every month, and his monthly expenses add up to $3,100. In this example, Tyra needs an extra $1,000 per month for her expenses, and Alex has the ability to pay $500 each month. Therefore, the court would award Tyra $500 every month for up to seven years.

Payment of Alimony in Utah.

In most cases, the paying spouse would be required to pay alimony every month, but an income withholding order is when the court orders the paying spouse’s employer to withhold the alimony payment from the paying spouse’s check. In another case, the paying spouse works for himself. The court would order the paying spouse to make lump sum payments over a specified period of time.

Hire a Heber City Divorce Attorney.

If you earn more than your spouse and were ordered to pay alimony, you will need a Heber alimony attorney. Your Heber divorce attorney may be able to counsel you if you need to make adjustments to your alimony schedule. If you have stopped making your alimony payments, you will definitely need the advice of an alimony attorney Heber.

Your spouse has the right to petition the court to force you to make your alimony payments, but if you are experiencing a hardship, you will need your Heber City alimony attorney to help modify the agreement. Your divorce attorney Heber will be by your side if you are facing the most serious consequences that the court can meet out for not paying alimony. Contact us at the Gordon Law Group today.