business disputes, business meeting in the conference roomLet us help mediate your Business Dispute Resolution

Business disputes can be complicated and often involve significant financial interests. Hiring a Heber City business attorney to help mediate can be an efficient way to resolve a dispute. Mediation can be beneficial to help all parties involved see the dispute from an objective viewpoint. Mediation is also often a more cost effective way to resolve a dispute, as opposed to litigation.

What are some business disputes that can be mediated? 

A Heber City business lawyer can mediate a variety of different business disputes, including:

1) Employer-employee issues: discrimination complaints, salary/wage issues, unfair dismissal, severance agreements, non-compete agreements, etc.

2) Disputes with other businesses: contract disputes, lawsuits, mergers, etc.

3) Partner/member disputes: business dissolution, restructuring, buy-outs, management issues, financial disagreements, hiring issues, business plan development etc.

4) Contract/financial agreement disputes: breach of contract allegations, contract modifications, contract creation, etc.

A business lawyer can mediate issues at all stages, including those that are recent and those that have culminated in threats of or actual litigation.

Why should you mediate? 

Mediation allows the parties to attempt to compromise. The alternative is to go to court, which can be expensive, lengthy and unpredictable. Mediation is an informal setting where the parties can attempt to compromise on outstanding issues.

Why use a lawyer as a mediator? 

Heber lawyers can provide unique assistance in providing mediation for business disputes. An attorney will understand how the law treats certain situations, which will allow them to provide insight from a legal perspective. By using a lawyer as a mediator, you will understand the likely outcome if the issues proceed to litigation through the court.

Because a business attorney has experience with business law issues, they will understand the various positions that each side takes and provide an opinion as to each position.

If you are involved in a business dispute, then contact Gordon Law Group and ask about how our attorneys can provide mediation assistance.