divorced husband cryingIt is a new year, as a newly divorced parent, you are uncertain what the year or future holds in store. As a newly divorced parent, your resolution for the new year is something much deeper than losing weight. Your biggest concern for the new year will likely focus around making your kids’ lives more secure and happy. The Gordon Law Group has some tips to ensure you are able to give your children a happy and safe new year.

Tips for Yourself–Mental, Social, and Physical Health

The first thing to remember as a newly divorced, single-parent is to take care of you before anyone else. In order to adequately care for your children, you need to be the best emotional, mental, social, and physical you. This means to be a little selfish, engage in some self-care.

Heber family law attorneys are also members of the Heber community. We want our clients to have an outlet to express strong emotions following the divorce in a constructive manner. Therefore, we advise clients to seek healthy ways of expressing emotions–joining a gym, or starting a journal are two examples. If you recognize any coping strategies that are unhealthy, such as turning to alcohol or drugs, seek professional help. Don’t be ashamed if you need therapy or a divorce recovery group is required to get through this difficult time.

crying woman with husband visiting psychiatristTips for a Relationship with Your Ex

The best way to get on with your new life is to be a good co-parent with your ex-spouse. During mediation your Heber divorce attorney worked hard to get you the best custody and visitation arrangement. Here are some tips for being a better co-parent:

  • Always give your co-parent the benefit of the doubt. They are doing their best and want your children to have the best.
  • Whenever communicating with your co-parent, either by phone, text, or in-person, be respectful.
  • Never use your kids as a go-between messenger. Children are immature and won’t get the message delivered in the right context. Additionally, you shouldn’t make your kids feel they are choosing sides, they love you both.
  • If your child has complaints about the other parent don’t take it as an opportunity to bash that person. On the other hand, be happy when things go well between your co-parent and the kids.
  • Lastly, always remain flexible. Life is never certain and unexpected events do come up. If something comes up and your spouse wants to take the kids during your time with them, be understanding. Let the children go with him/her. Remember, the reverse situation could happen to you one day, and you would want the same flexible attitude in return.

If you feel it is time for a modification in the original order, contact a Heber family lawyer. We understand that what worked earlier, might not be feasible down the road.

Tips for Your Relationship with Your Kids

Your number one priority should be your children during this adjustment period. Always allow your children to express their emotions. They are having a lot of conflicting emotions too. Sometimes, even to the point of blaming themselves for the divorce because they were not a “good kid”.  Watch movies or read books that will help your child to talk about the feelings they are having.

How Your Attorney Can Help

When you are struggling with divorce and co-parenting, you need a divorce attorney in Heber UT who cares. Sometimes custody, child support, or alimony needs to be modified due to unforeseen circumstances. If a modification to the original divorce decree is something you think will help, contact your Heber divorce lawyer. Call us at 435-657-0984; or email at admin@gordonlawfgrouputah.com. Schedule a free case evaluation appointment with the Family Law Attorneys in Heber UT who care.