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What Slows Down the Probate Process?

Most people are unfamiliar with the process of Probate. Probate is where the original Last Will and Testament of a deceased individual is presented to the County Surrogate for approval. Once approved, the Surrogate will issue Letters Testamentary to the Executor or Executrix identified in the Last Will and Testament. This is a very simplistic summary of a process that can take months and even years to resolve.
There are numerous factors that can slow down the Probate process. At the outset, finding the original Last Will and Testament is always a challenge. Some people leave the original in a safe deposit box or let relatives know where the original is stored. Others, however, do not and this stops the Probate process right from the beginning.

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Other factors that often slow down the Probate process are the inability to locate heirs at law so they can be properly served with documents; Will contests based upon allegations of undue influence or lack of capacity; or the Executor or Execturix simply failing or neglecting to bring the original Last Will and Testament to the County Surrogate which may trigger a motion to compel the production of the Will.

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