prenuptial agreement A lot is made about prenuptial agreements in movies and television. Still, for most people, the idea of a prenuptial agreement is vague and something they don’t truly understand. That’s why a Heber prenuptial agreement lawyer from the Gordon Law Group is so important. They can make the process clearer and easier for you, and in the case that you do need a Heber divorce lawyer, it will have mitigated that process. 

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

The name prenuptial agreement literally refers to an agreement that is made before your nuptials, more commonly referred to as a wedding. Essentially, it is a legal document that comes up with an agreement as to how a marriage will go, before two people enter that marriage. It plans for what is going to happen with their assets, in the case of divorce or separation of some kind.

Commonly, this is done when one person entering the marriage has more means than the other. However, that is not an absolute, as plenty of people simply want to protect their assets before they enter a marriage.

Who Should Get One?

There are five common reasons to hire a Heber Prepup Attorney. The first is when someone entering the marriage has a large amount of debt. The second common reason to get a prenuptial agreement is if one of the two people entering the marriage owns property. A wealth gap between the two spouses is also a common cause for a prenuptial agreement. Furthermore, contacting a Heber family lawyer is common for anyone who is entering a second marriage or anyone who brings children into a marriage. All of this isn’t done as a lack of trust towards the person that you’re marrying. Rather, it is a realization that it’s important to protect your assets before entering marriage with another person.

What Does it Cover?

A Heber family attorney can go over all of the details to your particular prenuptial agreement with you, clearly explaining what it’s going to cover. The list of what a prenuptial agreement can cover is long, ranging from what potential alimony would be to the right of benefits from a life insurance policy. A few of the other common issues covered in prenuptial agreements are the rights of each spouse in terms of property ownership, allocation of property, and even the choice of what state’s law will govern disputes. Of course, there are prenuptial agreements that don’t stop there. Truly, they can be about anything relevant and within the bounds of the law. 

How a Lawyer Can Help

A prenuptial agreement is a legal document. Therefore, you’ll need a lawyer to write and review it for you. This way it is not only as formal an agreement as possible, but you will also fully understand everything in the agreement. Neither person should be able to get a leg up on the other in this situation. Rather, they should walk away from coming up with a prenuptial agreement with a sense that they found a strong agreement to begin their marriage on. It will also make it so that if you do need a Heber divorce attorney, then that process of divorce will be much easier to go through.

At the end of the day, prenuptial agreements have a bad reputation. People see them as an awkward way to start a marriage. However, as 50% of marriages end in divorce, they’re really a safety net that many people feel is necessary. They’re an agreement that will make life easier down the line, one that most people hope to never have to use.