adoptionWhy a Lawyer Should Help When Considering Adoption

If you are considering adoption, you should seek out help from experienced Heber City adoption lawyers. Adoption can be complicated, and it is important that you comply with all of the necessary procedures. To ensure that an adoption is completed without issue, contact Gordon Law Group.

What does an adoption entail?
In order for an adoption to be legal, it must comply with certain procedures and laws. Failure to follow these procedures and laws could delay completion of the adoption or create issues in the future. Before an adoption can be completed, the parental rights of the natural parents must be terminated. If these rights are not terminated, then the adoption cannot go forward.

Termination of parental rights requires that notice be given to the natural parents and that the court make certain findings to justify termination of rights. Because parental rights are highly protected by the Constitution, there must be strict compliance with all procedures.

Once parental rights are terminated, the adoption process can proceed. In order for a court to order an adoption, certain findings must be made. The court may require social investigations to ensure that the adoption is in the child’s best interest. Consent must also be obtained in some situations.

Ultimately, termination of parental rights and adoption must be found to be in the child’s best interest.

Why a lawyer should help with an adoption?
A lawyer will be able to ensure that your case complies with all requirements of the law. We can help present the necessary information for the court to make the required findings. We can help ensure that all notices are provided, and consents received. By working with an attorney, the process will be less problematic, and you will not have to worry about issues in the future.

Contact Gordon Law Group to visit with our adoption lawyers about the process and how we can help.