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Why Do I Need a Lawyer for My Divorce?

If you just started the divorce process, you may be thinking about representing yourself during the legal proceedings instead of hiring Heber city divorce attorneys, thinking this can save you a lot of time and money. However, there are many benefits of getting professional legal services throughout the process.

Divorce and the relevant legal provisions are complicated, and you should consider contacting an attorney to offer guidance. You will be required to make a lot of decisions that will affect the rest of your life. Usually, emotions overwhelm individuals and affect their ability to make informed decisions. Hiring a divorce attorney is in your best interests. This is how a legal expert can help:

Contested Divorce

In a contested divorce, partners cannot agree on major issues to successfully end their marriage. The cases are common since there are many points couples need to resolve when trying to terminate their marriage. If it becomes clear that you and your partner cannot reach an agreement, you need to get professional legal services.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation during divorce proceedings has become common. Some of the benefits of this process include saving legal fees and avoiding engaging in court battles with a former spouse. More jurisdictions are now requiring individuals to try mediation to resolve their differences before they file a lawsuit.

Meditation is a private way of resolving issues outside of court. A third-party helps partners to negotiate a settlement agreement. The main difference between this process and a suit is that mediators don’t determine the winner or loser. Instead, they help the parties involved to find a solution that works for both of them.

Usually, before a couple reaches an agreement, they attend many sessions. If mediation is unsuccessful, individuals can return to the traditional process where legal representatives engage in negotiations and litigation on their behalf. Heber family law attorneys can help you to understand your legal rights during the entire process.

Child Custody

Getting custody is not always easy. When determining who should get custody, some of the considerations include the financial position, employment, or other responsibilities that could take away time for taking care of children. With Heber divorce attorneys, the process of obtaining and keeping child custody will be much easier.

The first step you should take when trying to get child custody is hiring reputable Heber divorce attorneys. For individuals, this may require shopping around to find the best legal professional for your case. The lawyers will work with parents to determine the simplest way of acquiring custody.

Child Support

Usually, if a couple has children, the court gives the father visitation rights and requires them to pay the mother child support. A judge will make a verdict based on the welfare of the children and protect the rights of the parents. There are different methodologies for calculating child support in different jurisdictions.

The judgment is made depending on whether one of the parents has sole custody, or there is joint custody. Professional Wasatch County family lawyers can provide the information you need for the entire process. The parties that get primary custody are usually entitled to child support payments from the other.

Spousal Support

If you are going through a divorce, Heber family lawyers can help you to navigate the process of settling on alimony. The legal professionals can represent you when negotiating the alimony amount or trying to modify an existing agreement.

They can also help you to file a lawsuit if your partner declines to pay the agreed amount. If your divorce attorneys in Heber do not handle spousal support cases, you need to contact an alimony attorney.

Reviewing Prenuptial Agreements

Professional divorce lawyers in Wasatch County will ensure that the agreements meet the needs of every spouse and stand up to different legal challenges. The agreements outline the property rights for both parties. In case of a divorce, a legal professional can help you to review the agreement and ensure that your rights are protected.

Are you about to start the divorce process? If yes, you need a divorce lawyer to represent you and guide you throughout the entire process. Gordon Law Group has a team of experienced and reputable divorce attorneys who are ready to help. Contact us today.