burglaryBurglary: Is it a Felony?

The question that most people battle with is whether burglary is a felony. Well, burglary is a felony whose penalties vary according to various factors, e.g., the offender’s intent. Most states recognize all types of burglaries as felonies; hence offenders are often convicted to serve a jail term in the state prisons. If you are facing a burglary charge, it is always advisable that you get legal counsel. Working with a Heber Burglar Attorney from the Gordon Law Group can help you launch a competent defense based on the particular burglary charge you are facing.

Understanding the legal meaning of burglary

First, you need to be aware that most states recognize two types of burglary; felony burglary and misdemeanor burglary. Our Heber Felony Attorney is well versed with all kinds of burglaries and can offer you legal counsel dependent on the type of charge you face.

So precisely what is burglary? Burglary involves entry through breakage into a building, store, or warehouse with an intention to commit a crime. Most times, dependent on your state, a burglary committed in a dwelling place is treated with more adverse penalties than burglary committed in other areas. If you are looking to understand burglary, it is essential to reach out to our Burglary Attorney in Heber City Utah, for consultation.

How to prove intent

As an accused person, proving intent lies in the prosecution. If the evidence labeled against you proves your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, then it will be difficult to evade adverse penalties. To ensure that your interest in the case is well represented, it is crucial that you retain the services of a Felony Attorney in Heber City Utah, from the onset. For a conviction to ensue, the prosecution counsel in the case will demonstrate to the court through facts and evidence that the sole intent of your entry into the building, warehouse, or structure was to commit a crime, e.g., theft. In situations where illegal entry intended to commit crimes like vandalism, then a conviction on burglary can’t ensue, but a lesser charge, which is a misdemeanor, will apply. Working closely with a Felony Attorney in Heber City Utah, is one of the ways through which you can raise a defense that can lead to either your acquittal or preference of a lesser charge in your case.


prisonAn accused person who doesn’t have legal representation is most likely to receive a maximum sentence, so it is always advisable to work with a competent Heber Criminal Defense Attorney. Armed burglaries and home invasions are regarded as the most serious of burglary crimes. If convicted, offenders face adverse penalties that can go up to 25 years or life imprisonment in the state prison. In instances where the accused person is not armed and causes no harm to the building occupants, they can receive between a year or two in state prison inclusive of a fine. Some states treat no violent entries as misdemeanors giving rise to a year or two in county jails. To have a good understanding of the penalties that might ensue in your case in your state, always ensure that you reach out to a Heber Criminal Lawyer Attorney.

What can Heber Lawyers do in your case?

When facing burglary charges, legal representation is vital to your case. With the help of a Heber Burglary Attorney, you will get a glimpse of how your case is likely to turn out through. Additionally, an attorney is often well versed with the state laws on burglary; hence they can help interpret the applicable laws so that you can have an in-depth understanding of what you are dealing with. Further, with an attorney by your side, you increase the chances of a favorable outcome on your end.