Let us help mediate your Business Dispute Resolution

Apr 29

business disputesBusiness disputes can be complicated and often involve significant financial interests. Hiring a Heber City business attorney to help mediate can be an efficient way to resolve a dispute. Mediation can be beneficial to help all parties involved see the dispute from an objective viewpoint. Mediation is also often a more cost effective way to resolve a dispute, as opposed to litigation.

What are some business disputes that can be mediated? 

A Heber City business lawyer can mediate a variety of different business disputes, including: (more…)

Water Rights: How to Protect Your Water Rights

Apr 29

water rightsAll water is public property. However, water rights allow owners to divert water from its natural source for beneficial purposes. The elements of a water right include:

• The extent and nature of beneficial use;
• The priority date;
• The quantity of water being diverted;
• The point of diversion and source of water; and
• The place of beneficial use.

If water rights were established before 1903 for surface water or before 1935 for ground water, then a diligence claim must be filed with the Utah Division of Water Rights. These claims are subject to judicial review and public notice. Additionally, they may be barred by court order in some areas. (more…)

Estate Planning: Why a Will is Not Enough

Apr 29

willA will is a basic document that sets forth your wishes as to how your property is to be distributed after your death. Although a will is helpful to address some issues, there are other estate planning tools that can assist with various issues that can arise. Estate planning attorneys in Heber City UT can help you utilize these tools to setup an estate plan that is comprehensive and efficiently addresses your wishes.

What are some estate planning options? 

There are many legal options available to address issues that could arise after your death. These include: (more…)