winter accidentHow Heber Personal Injury Attorneys Get You Back on Your Feet After a Winter Accident

The winter is the most wonderful time of the year – but it can also be dangerous.  Weather conditions and winter activities increase the risk of accidents. The car accident lawyers in Heber could be just what you need to protect yourself this winter. At Gordon Law Group, we want you to stay safe during the winter. However, if the worst should happen, we are here to help you navigate Winter Accident Injuries in Heber.

Injuries Commonly Seen By Winter Accident Attorneys in Heber Utah 

Wintertime brings hazardous conditions which can lead to injuries. A car accident in Heber Utah or a sports accident or everyday winter activity could lead to injury. Neck and back strains from shoveling snow or falls are common injuries. Sprains, fractures, broken bones, brain or spinal cord injuries can also occur during trauma winter associated activities or weather.

Common Winter Accidents in Utah

Black ice and heavy snow can make cars difficult to maneuver and lower visibility, as well as make falls more likely. Skiing and other snow sports, including snowboarding or ice skating, can also lead to injuries.

It is also important to consider that you might end up stranded due to the weather or a vehicular break down. This kind of accident can lead to hypothermia, dehydration, and hunger, depending on how long and in what conditions you are stranded.

Tips to Help Avoid Accidents in the Winter

When venturing out into the snow, make sure your footwear and clothing are appropriate for the landscape and activity. Do not rush and be mindful of your steps and movements. If you are driving, do so cautiously. Poor visibility or hard to navigate roads can be a major cause of roadway accidents in winter weather.

Make sure your car is prepared before you head out. Test the breaks, make sure you have a well-equipped emergency kit, including blankets, food, water, and first aid kit, and clear all lights and windows. The safer your car is, the more likely you will be able to navigate the road or survive if an accident should occur.

Lastly, if it is too dangerous, stay home. The risk of going out in extreme weather is rarely worth the reward and it can be the safest, smartest choice to remain home and avoid driving.

What to Do if You are Injured in a Winter Accident

If you have been injured, call for help. Ideally, you will have a charged cellphone or means of communication, with which to bring assistance and medical attention to you.

Get your injury checked out by a professional. Often times, the adrenaline or the cold means that the injured is not aware of the extent or long-term impact of the accident. The sooner help and therapy can be started, the more likely it is for a full recovery.

Heber Winter Car Accident Attorneys or Personal Injury Attorneys Can Get You Compensated

The aftereffects of an injury can be expensive – there are medical fees, physical therapy, and potentially time off of work. It is possible to receive compensation when another party is at fault for the accident – whether intentionally, accidentally, or through negligence. Heber Lawyers who specialize in personal injury cases are an objective and knowledgeable resource who are able to evaluate the validity of your case and represent you to a higher capacity.  The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury case can be limited and time and knowledge is of the essence. A Herber Personal Injury Attorney knows the most effective and efficient way to pursue your case and get you back to enjoying the beautiful Utah winter.