Do You Have to Be Married to Adopt in Utah?

The rules for adoption in Utah are not as complicated as some may think. Applicants are essentially required to present a stable environment in which children can thrive to be approved as foster or adoptive parents. Of course, the notion of a stable environment varies by household. Heber UT adoption lawyers at Gordon Law Group can help you prepare for the adoption process.

What are the basic requirements to adopt in Utah?
Individuals looking to foster or adopt children in Utah must be at least 21 years old at the time of filing an application to become foster parents. Applicants do not have to be homeowners but prospective foster parents must show proof of financial stability to be considered.

It may be a good idea to show proof of residential longevity if you are a renter. Leasing a home or apartment for six years may carry more weight than moving to a new residence every year within a six-year span.

Prospective applicants must also have steady income. You may work outside of the home but should be able to exhibit a healthy balance between work and home life. Prospective foster parents who already have children in the home are not disqualified from adopting more children.

Do you have to be married to adopt children in Utah?
Foster parent applicants do not have to be married to adopt children in Utah. Those who are married, though, cannot foster or adopt children without the consent of the spouse. It is better for married couples to apply to become foster parents together.

The Heber UT adoption lawyers at Gordon Law Group can help you with the adoption process. Our attorneys can thoroughly explain what happens from start to finish while providing legal representation in court during adoption proceedings. Call Gordon Law today to schedule a consultation.