probate do and dontProbate Case Do’s and Don’ts

A probate case can take a serious toll on you and your family. If a loved one died without a valid will, their property will be declared intestate. The estate will be turned over to a probate judge who will decide how it is to be divided and distributed. If you were a close relative of the deceased, then you have a right to defend your interests in the estate. Heber City probate attorneys can help you do so.

Probate Case Do’s and Don’ts

A probate case is a judicial proceeding that determines who gets what in a dead person’s estate. You should approach such a case in a clear and thoughtful manner. Here are a few tips:


1. Understand the money you stand to lose if you fail to get your share of the assets.

2. Think about the strain that battling family members can have on your relationship with them.

3. Contact a lawyer who specializes in probate cases to help you develop your claim to a fair portion of the estate.


1. Focus too much on specific grounds for making a claim on the estate. It is better to give your lawyer the facts, and then decide together what line to pursue.

2. Put yourself in financial distress with the promise of future reward. If it becomes clear that you cannot get what you believe you deserve, you should not pursue your case endlessly.

3. Give up prematurely. It can take time for probate cases to work their way through the courts. Your relatives may put up technical hurdles to slow things down with the intent of discouraging you. Do not allow this to happen.

The attorneys at Gordon Law Group can give you the kind of advice you need to navigate a probate case successfully. If you are trying to get your fair share of an intestate estate, then you should call Gordon Law Group.