woman with facemask Victim of Domestic Violence while under Quarantine?

COVID-19 has pushed most couples to a state of having to stay in the same space. While for some, the time spent together has helped build their bond, others have been on the receiving end of domestic violence. Has your partner or spouse been physically and emotionally abusing you during quarantine? The law is alive at all times, quarantine has not pushed it to sleep, and that is why our attorneys at Gordon Law Firm, Heber Utah family attorneys, are always willing and ready to help you.

The role of a lawyer in your domestic violence case
Domestic violence cases are very sensitive; therefore, you need someone who will act fast to save your situation. In domestic violence situations, you will probably need a restraining order to keep the offender away. A restraining order is usually filed under grounds of urgency. With the help of Gordon Law Firm, the best Heber Utah family attorneys, your case will be addressed with the urgency it deserves. Our attorneys have experience in dealing with domestic violence issues. In the event you need to be relocated, we will ensure that even with the restricted movement during quarantine, you can get a safe space to reside in. Also, depending on the factors surrounding your case, if the violence has caused you bodily injuries, our attorneys will proceed to file a lawsuit on your behalf to help you recover damages for the injuries suffered. Offenders often have some form of control over their victims; therefore it is highly advisable that you involve an attorney so that you can’t be pushed to silence. Forgiveness is good but letting a violent situation go on for long might cause you more harm in future than you will ever know.

Speak with an attorney from Gordon Law Firm today and let your attorney help you build up a case that will help you get out of that violent environment.