probateWhat Types Of Situations Lead To Probate?

When an individual passes away, their final legal and financial affairs must be resolved. The State of Utah employs a principle known as probate to ensure this process is completed with the greatest level of efficacy and legality. The Gordon Law Group, Heber UT probate lawyers invite prospective clients to read this short piece providing a brief overview regarding probate and how an experienced attorney can help a client through this sometimes challenging endeavor.

Probate Overview

During probate, a court assesses a deceased person’s last will and testament to determine said document’s validity and oversees the process of ensuring the decedent’s final responsibilities are handled appropriately. Typically, a will names an executor, who is charged with duties such remitting debts, identifying legal heirs, allocating remaining assets as directed by the decedent and carrying out any other instructions contained within.

The Necessity Of Probate

In cases where a will is authored under the auspices of a reputable attorney and notarized, the court will initiate the probate process without delay. That said, probate will also be necessary under other circumstances.

Most commonly, probate is mandatory when the decedent passed on without having authored a will, which is called intestate in legal terminology. In such instances, the probate court will need to identify rightful heirs and nominate an estate administrator to carry out the deceased’s final duties.

The Importance Of Retaining A Lawyer’s Services

Probate can be an emotional, confusing and sometimes contentious process. An experienced probate attorney can help a client identify all of the decedent’s assets, expedite the mountain of paperwork needed to satisfy court requirements and, most importantly, attempt to settle any conflicts that might arise between disputing heirs.

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